Regular UACR testing is essential to identify kidney damage and CKD progression early8

Inflammation and fibrosis can cause albuminuria, which is one of the earliest detectable markers of kidney damage
UACR testing

UACR testing is used to detect kidney damage by measuring the ratio of albumin and creatinine in the urine8

Rising UACR levels

Rising UACR levels are an indicator of worsening kidney damage and a predictor of more rapid CKD progression8

UACR level above 300 mg/g is very high

Endorsed by CSN, KDIGO indicates that a UACR level above 20 mg/mmol (300 mg/g) is very high and warrants particular attention8

Learn how UACR testing can reveal early kidney damage and act as a predictor of CKD progression8
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CKD: chronic kidney disease; KDIGO: Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes; T2D: type 2 diabetes; UACR: urine albumin-to-creatinine ratio.


8. Levin A, Stevens PE, Bilous RW, et al. (2013). Kidney disease: Improving global outcomes (KDIGO) CKD work group. KDIGO 2012 clinical practice guideline for the evaluation and management of chronic kidney disease. Kidney International Supplements, 3(1), 1-150.