Inflammation and fibrosis is one of three pathophysiological driving factors behind CKD progression in patients with T2D2 and causes irreversible kidney damage.1,12

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Inflammation and fibrosis in the kidneys can lead to compromised filtration, albuminuria, and a decline in kidney function12,13,14

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    Cellular expansion in kidney

    Cellular Expansion

    Cells within the glomerulus proliferate and expand, resulting in mesangial matrix expansion. There is a strong link between this process and CKD progression2,13

    Thickening around tubules in kidney

    Thickening Around Tubules

    Thickening and scarring in and around the renal tubules, which decreases renal function and increases pressure9,13

    Blood vessel scarring in kidney

    Scarring of Blood Vessels

    The hardening and scarring of the glomerulus, a tuft of capillaries that removes waste from blood, leads to an excessive loss of protein12,13

    Kidney fibrosis

    Kidney Fibrosis

    Structural damage to the kidney impairs the organ’s functionality12,13

    In the kidney, inflammation and fibrosis can lead to tissue expansion, increased pressure within the vasculature and internal structure, and eventually, to scarring that makes filtration increasingly less effective.12,13

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    CKD: chronic kidney disease; CV: cardiovascular; T2D: type 2 diabetes.


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